Oakley Gets a SISTER! - Say hi to "Delilah" the Puppy Dachshund!
  • 21.09.2023
  • 1609

I hope this is the start of another massive spike in popularity for this channel! I have high hopes for the future and can't wait for more episodes like this. Good to see Crusoe in good health and Daphne's maturing voice, Stay Pup-ular!

Rescue five puppies from the evil hand of the dog dealer
  • 19.09.2023
  • 546

I think the worst thing about this is knowing that this guy is just going to go straight back out and get more dogs, because he doesn't see what he's doing wrong... 😢

10 Things Only Dachshund Dog Owners Understand
  • 17.09.2023
  • 746

My little Sage passed away just before Christmas. After 17 and a half years of having her by my side, I'm still struggling to adjust to life without her. Dachshunds are amazing gifts, I will cherish her memory always. I love you little one, and I miss you so very much. Thank you for all those wonderful years my little

6 playing dachshund puppies
  • 17.09.2023
  • 879

I'm actually dreading that day when the Pup's start to get adopted and go to their New Homes.....I'll be Happy for them....but also sad for ALL of US Fans and of course for Miss Eveline, Frederick, Claire and Romy and Loulou and her Coco. Very grateful for these Video Memories! Cheers From Ohio

Very Angry Sausage Dog Puppy Dachshund - Very Funny Puppy Dachshund Sausage Dog
  • 15.09.2023
  • 910

Funny Video of Sausage Dog Dachshund getting very angry while playing with him. Funny Dachshund Sausage dog loosing his temper.

0:04 / 0:59 Mini Dachshund bath time
  • 08.09.2023
  • 5533

For those still concerned for my dogs' back health, it's been 6 years since I've lived in a 2 story home. 8 years later and their back health is perfectly fine. They are spoiled happy pups ❤️.

Dachshund Compilation - Funny And Cute Videos
  • 07.09.2023
  • 1539

I could never see myself owning another dog. These guys are the best. And super jerks at the same time hahaha. Love it

WIENERZILLA - Attack of the Giant Dachshund!
  • 06.09.2023
  • 782

My heart was racing. Nothing scarier than a hungry Weiner dog! I appreciated him taking a moment to stomp out Karen. 😂 It was fabulous. Thanks ☺️

Invisible challenge (again) with Mini Dachshunds & Bengal Cat.
  • 05.09.2023
  • 754

They figured out the wrap trap so quickly. Loulou has seen it before you mentioned but the other two nailed it! I liked seeing the dogs respect Mimi's space while she was snacking. I so adore watching dachshunds do anything❤❤❤ with their floppy ears and stubby legs😂😂

Funniest & Cutest Dachshund Puppies
  • 04.09.2023
  • 509

My heart melted seeing the Great Dane grooming and hugging the dachshund! 🐾❤️🐾

Best Dachshund Dogs Video compilation Naughty Sausage Dogs Living with Dachshund Wiener Puppies
  • 04.09.2023
  • 812

I love watching these videos… they melt my heart, especially since I lost my Mr Winkers! All these doxies are SO CUTE! 👀🐾🙏🫶🤗🥰💜

An afternoon with Mini Dachshunds & Bengal Cat.
  • 03.09.2023
  • 1085

hihi, so funny & good to see they are all friends now and playing happy together 😸🐕

Funniest Dachshund Wiener Dog Compilation 2019 | Funny Pet Videos
  • 02.09.2023
  • 731

I remember a time where I was obsessed with dachshund/weiner dogs and used to watch these funny compilations. I loved these little dogs so much that I read books about them,had dachshund themed slippers,and shirts, I even had a dachshund phone case XD Lol.

Dachshund puppy loves raw meat.
  • 01.09.2023
  • 681

Not sure why this popped in my suggestions, but I’m so glad it did. They are adorable 🥺❤️